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Reaping the rewards

Fruits of success

Mauritius is often cited as a peaceful multicultural melting pot and as a sterling example of economic prosperity and stable democracy in Sub-Saharan Africa. With a unique volcanic landscape featuring endemic fauna and flora, Mauritius has a distinctive appeal which is symbolised by the luscious fruits and flowers of the island.


growing upon a rich legacy

The evergreen Avocado, exotic in appearance and creamy in taste, is one of the top ten fresh fruits that Mauritius exports. Originally from Central America, the Avocado has successfully taken root in Mauritius and has grown somewhat into a symbol of ripe legacy. Today, if Mauritius is acknowledged as the best country in Africa for Good Governance, Free Democratic Values, Ease of Doing Business, it is thanks to its adoption of best practices and rich traditions inherited from the French, British, Africans, Indians, Chinese… A rich heritage that Mauritius is indeed very proud of

Victoria Pineapple

A rich melting pot of diverse flavours

Primed for its exceptional quality, flavour and taste, the Mauritian Victoria Pineapple is commonly mixed with spices to add more sweetness and richness to salads and dishes. It’s hardly surprising to learn that Mauritius is one of the world leaders in the production and exportation of pineapples. The Victoria Pineapple is thus a symbol of enhancement and enrichment, a rich melting pot bringing together people of different origins and cultures. A true re flection of Mauritius’ unity in diversity!


United as One People, One Nation

One of the rarest flowers on Earth, the Trochetia Boutoniana (commonly called Boucle d’Oreille —earring) was declared the National Flower of Mauritius when the country became a Republic in 1992. It is endemic to Mauritius and can only be found on the slopes of World Heritage site of Le Morne mountain. Just like the Trochetia, the economic, social and political stability of Mauritius is unique and has t o be preserved and consolidated. That is why Mauritians always work hand in hand (“Lame dan Lame”) as One Nation and One People to keep building a nation that can serve as an example to the rest of the World,
as a model for the Roots of the future.


The irresistible Mauritian appeal

Due to its luscious taste and appealing red colour, the litchi or lychee fruit has long been considered as a symbol of beauty, happiness and good fortune. Introduced in Mauritius around 1870, the litchi represents the irresistible beauty and attractiveness of Mauritius as a unique ‘Live, Work and Play’ destination… American novelist Mark Twain said it all about this stunning small island: “Mauritius was made first, and then heaven; and that heaven was copied after Mauritius.” It’s no wonder also that the world-famous Dodo has chosen Mauritius, not any other land, as its beloved home!


The legendary Mauritian hospitality

One of the star export products of Mauritius, the Anthurium symbolises hospitality and warmth with its typically red open heart-shaped flower. Similarly, Mauritians are known for their legendary hospitality, friendly and helpful attitude towards foreigners. It is only natural then that Mauritius maintains friendly relations with countries across Africa, Asia, Europe, the Americas and Australasia. The open-hearted attitude of Mauritius helps the country to accentuate its regional success, reflected by the large number of bilateral agreements in place.


The Star & Key of the Indian Ocean

Because of its magnificent natural beauty and strategic location, Mauritius is called the Star and Key
of the Indian Ocean. What fruit can best symbolise this attribute than the rightly-named Starfruit! The
Carambola, as the fruit is also known, aptly represents the legendar y resourcefulness, the savoir-faire
of Mauritius that has successfully diversified its economy since its independence in 1968 through the
expert management of its sugar industry to its well-known Export Processing Zone and Textile Industry
and its globally acknowledged vibrant Tourism industry before making a majestic impact in the
Financial and ICT sectors. In light of its achievements, Mauritius is now poised to become
a guiding star for a strong and prosperous Africa.


Harvesting the fruits of prosperity

Just like the Mango has a hard skin that en velopes a soft delicious pulp, the hardship experienced by
the first generations of Mauritians has paved the way to sustained development and prosperity in the
country. Since 1st July 2020, the World Bank has classified Mauritius as a high-inc ome country for the
first time and the second high-income economy in Africa. Not only is mango thriving in the tropic al climate of Mauritius, it is also the proud symbol of Mauritius’ great achievements and prosperity.