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Discover Mauritius

Star and Key of the Indian Ocean

Discover this unique island nation with pristine beaches and lagoons, also known as the star and key of the Indian Ocean. With 2.3 million sq km of Exclusive Economic Zone
and only 6 hours' flight away from Dubai.

Where is this magical place?

Sitting in the middle of the Indian Ocean off the east coast of Africa, Mauritius is a tropical
island surrounded by white sandy beaches with unspoilt lush greenery, home to beautiful
nature parks, valleys, majestic waterfalls, rocky mountains and serene lakes.

The island is a melting pot where a variety of different beliefs, customs, religions and languages
coexist harmoniously offering a delightful blend of culinary, cultural and historical experiences
born from the union of three continents – Asia, Europe and Africa.

A vibrant lifestyle destination where every moment is an opportunity to discover something
new. Mauritius is more than just a hotspot for holiday seekers with plenty of exciting and fun
aquatic activities and spectacular underwater adventures, it is also a land of opportunities for
skilled expatriates and entrepreneurs with an array of exciting conveniences, from business and
education centres to world-class wellness and health facilities.

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``Mauritius was Made
First, and then heaven:
and that heaven was
copied after Mauritius``
mark twain

Surf Activation

come experience the waves of mauritius

Do you see yourself surfing in Mauritius?

Catch a sensational glimpse of tropical Mauritius by riding the interactive surfboard at the Mauritius Pavilion. Strike your most impressive pose on the board and we’ll be happy to send you by email a souvenir photograph of your memorable experience.