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There’s a reason
why you’ve come here!

Because you’ve always dreamt about a land glaring like paradise with tremendous natural treasures, lush forests, elegant waterfalls, majestic mountains and pristine beaches; Because you’ve been looking for an enthralling place where people of different ancestries and faiths co-exist in peace and harmony; Because you’ve been pondering if there ever exists on Earth a country which is a vibrant democracy with free elections, freedom of speech, free enterprise and where healthcare and education are free for all its inhabitants; Because you’ve always asked yourself if there ever exists an exemplary country that can serve as a role model to build a harmonious society in a pluralistic world living in fraternity. This idyllic land you’ve been dreaming of is right here and is about to unveil its captivating charm and irresistible beauty to you.

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National Day Celebrations &
National Week in March 2022

Visitors Journey

Welcome to the beautiful
free nation of Mauritius!

We invite you to discover Mauritius through an enriching multi-faceted and interactive experience. Firstly, explore the mesmerizing natural beauty of the island through its unique exotic scenery; Then secondly, immerse yourself in an unforgettable sensory encounter with the rich flora and fauna of the island, such as the Trochetia Boutoniana, our national flower, our endemic birds the Pink Pigeon, the Echo Parakeet, the Mauritius Kestrel; Thirdly, discover & experience a buoyant emerging economy combining a quality lifestyle, balancing the work-live-play concept and finally, meet the roots of the future, the people behind the miracle of Mauritius who

Zone One

Discover Mauritius

Small island, big achievements

Mauritius may be small in size, but it has received big accolades for its sterling socio-economic progress and remarkable achievements.

Zone two

Reaping the rewards

Fruits of success

Mauritius is often cited as an outstanding example of economic success and stable democracy in Sub-Saharan Africa and this remarkable success story can be mainly attributed to its hard-working, resourceful, educated, peace-loving multi-ethnic people. Nothing can be more rightly symbolised this rich diversity than the luscious fruits and flowers of the island.

Zone three

Business Hub

Business and beyond

As Mauritius emerges as an international business hub driving trade and investment for the region linking Asia to Africa, an array of opportunities are made available to investors, innovators, traders who can benefit from the ideal time zone, political and social stability, modern solid legislation, excellent connectivity and business friendly policies including a series of treaties,

Zone four

Roots of the future

A model for the world

Mauritius is well known for being a vibrant melting pot and Mauritians are also known for their warmth and welcoming nature. This peaceful island and its people can be referred as an example of peaceful co-existence for the world. The world could become a better place where peace, harmony and prosperity thrive if it adopts the Mauritian way as the Roots of the future.

Flavours & savoir-faire of Mauritius

Come and discover the wholesome and exotic flavours of Mauritius at the Ti Laboutik corner in the Mauritius Pavilion and let yourself be carried away by the unique scents of our island in the sun. A melting pot of cultures expressed by our incredible diversity of Indian, Chinese, African and European population and reflected in the richness of our products.
Mauritius is proudly showcasing its ethnic food and savoir-faire at the Dubai Expo 2020 and putting on sale the following products:
• Special sugars • Herb-infused honeys • Tropical fruit jams and pastes • Footwear • Fancy jewellery • Handicrafts • Plush toys
These products are also available at the world market of the expo.
Have the chance also to experience at Ti Laboutik the warm Mauritian conviviality.