The Indian Ocean Eden, as Mauritius is often called, is not just an enchanting mixture of coastal scenery and breathtaking landscapes.

Our country also deserves to be known for its rapid transformation from an agriculture-based society to an innovative nation fully poised to embrace the Digital Age.

The Mauritius Pavilion will show to the world how our business and tourism assets have fostered this spectacular growth. It is also an opportunity to offer a glimpse of what the future holds for our reinvented nation.

We are pleased to invite you to our Pavilion to explore the potential of our nation and understand why we are so optimistic that the future is wide open with possibilities. We also want to share with you the rich diversity and the unique blend of cultures, values and traditions that makes our Island Nation a beacon of Peace, Prosperity, Democracy and Social Inclusiveness.

Pravind Kumar Jugnauth
Prime Minister of the Republic of Mauritius

Because you’ve always dreamt about a land glaring like paradise with tremendous natural treasures, lush forests, elegant waterfalls, majestic mountains and pristine beaches; Because you’ve been looking for an enthralling place where people of different ancestries and faiths co-exist in peace and harmony;

Because you’ve been pondering if there ever exists on Earth a country which is a vibrant democracy with free elections, freedom of speech, free enterprise and where healthcare and education are free for all its inhabitants;

Because you’ve always asked yourself if there ever exists an exemplary country that can serve as a role model to build a harmonious society in a pluralistic world living in fraternity. This idyllic land you’ve been dreaming of is right here and is about to unveil its captivating charm and irresistible beauty to you.

Connecting Minds,
Creating the Future

The World’s greatest show

Starting on 1 October 2021, lasting over 182 days till 31 March 2022, the World Exhibition will take place in Dubai where 192 participating countries will present themselves to the rest of the world.
EXPO 2020 themed Connecting Minds, Creating the Future is about the world coming together and creating a better tomorrow.


million expected visits

(ha) for the exposition

The Mauritius Pavilion

Roots of the future

As we ponder of a future connected world, explore the tropical paradise in the Indian ocean while experiencing the cultural diversity and hospitality of the Mauritian people and unpacking the achievements of a role model nation. The Mauritius Pavilion, themed Roots of the Future, depicts this idyllic island state built under the intrinsic values of unity in diversity towards a conflict-free, resourceful nation that is continuously re-inventing its socio-economic landscape.

212 m2
Exhibit Space

60 m2
Meeting Space

Unique visitors’


National Day Celebrations &
National Week in March 2022

Discover Mauritius

Star and Key of the Indian Ocean

Discover this unique island nation with pristine beaches and lagoons, also known as the star and key of the Indian Ocean. With 2.3 million sq km of Exclusive Economic Zone and only 6 hours' flight away from Dubai.

Reaping the rewards

Fruits of success

Mauritius is often cited as a peaceful multicultural melting pot and as a sterling example of economic prosperity and stable democracy in Sub-Saharan Africa. With a unique volcanic landscape featuring endemic fauna and flora, Mauritius has a distinctive appeal which is symbolised by the luscious fruits and flowers of the island.

Business Hub

Small island, Ocean of opportunities

With preferential access to 70% of the global market and as an international financial centre of repute, Mauritius offers a conducive business environment together with a vibrant modern lifestyle. Explore Work, Live and Play in Mauritius.

Roots of the future

One People One Nation

With a rich legacy, ranging from the French and British administrations to the resourcefulness of migrants from Africa, India and China and a unique blend of cultures, religions and ethnicities, Mauritius is well known for being a vibrant melting pot embodying ``One People One Nation``.


Mauritius Imagery & Radiocommunication Satellite 1

Through the KiboCUBE Programme, the MIR-SAT1 has been offered a free launch to the International Space Station (ISS) for deployment in Space by JAXA. For the first time in its history, Mauritius will embark into new initiatives geared towards exploiting space/satellite technology for its socio-economic benefits.

Upcoming Events at the Mauritius Pavilion

Program Highlights

our collaborators and sponsors

We are extremely proud of all the hard work our collaborators in Dubai and Mauritius have put in creating the Mauritius Pavilion, but we couldn’t have done it without the invaluable funding and unflinching support of the Government of Mauritius, of various organisations of the public and private sectors, namely the Economic Development Board Mauritius (EDB), the Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority (MTPA), the Mauritius Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MCCI) and Business Mauritius. THANK YOU ALL!